If something is boring after two minutes, try it for four. If still boring, then eight. Then sixteen. Then thirty-two. Eventually one discovers that it is not boring at all.

UGH Path notes for tomorrow’s test. 

I’m pretty sure I’m qualified to organize Life now.

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I should do homework but oh gosh time to make some finger callouses.

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Don’t have dreams. Have things you do.


Been pouring over some interior design blogs today. I think the key to effective space usage (aka IKEA) is hugely dependent on wall mounts and vertical storage. To make everything easily accessible, and maximize the available floor space. 

Unfortunately wall mounting takes effort. 

LIGHTBULB MOMENT: no room in the world just COMES with wall mounted shelves. Damn.

Last year my room had blankets on the floor and a row of haphazard cardboard boxes in the corner. This year (+3), I’m going to be a real person. (:

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Photos of kids going to school in various parts of the world.

If there should be any name for albums like these it should probably be “Against All Odds

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Hipster as hell instrumental music. With penguins. Circa 1990’s. What’s there not to love?

How did I not discover these guy earlier?

Always some great music to be found during the despair that is cramming for tests. (:

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I was like, why the hell does frisbee need a special brand of overpriced shorts. Like what the HELL!? 

So I clicked on the website.


Wow. WOW. Talk about a lofty mission statement. Or maybe just really good PR. 

The world is a strange place. I still don’t think firsbee needs its own shorts company. 

Also my class wants to sell cow fiveultimate shorts. WHY. 

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1. This lady has no cerebellum (and associated reddit comments). What the flip. Considering what cerebellar disease does to people/animals in general, this is pretty amazing as a scientific curiosity. Yay using things I didn’t know I learned from Neuro.

Beyond that though. Sometimes I beat myself up because I’m bad at certain things. Why is Person better than me at life? Why can Dude do something else so easily? Why do I just plain SUCK BALLS at Activity? Sometimes, granted, I just need a little more patience and hard work. But sometimes, I guess, it’s just biology. Not to use this as an excuse for our flaws, but maybe what we need is a bit more acceptance for who we are inherently. Somewhere deep deep down inside, no matter how much we try to deny it, we’re just little biochemical machines. And we are all made of different components that work in synchrony. What is free will, seriously? (Side note: put this book on hold at the library, can’t frickin wait to read it!)

2. There are a shit ton of things that I want to do in life. Between me and FRICKING AWESOME DREAMS stands a shit ton of FRICKING UNFUN HARD WORK. Alternative is apathy, which kind of leads to meh life. I’ve kind of been slacking these first two weeks of school. But it’s time to bust my butt off now. No way around it.

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Garden Spot High School marching band plays with Fall Out Boy



Love this story!  Lucky band!!

i’m so fucking jealous

some marching bands get to play with fall out boy


LEAVE ME ALONE TO DIE <////////////3

Hey. College band is 100 better. No worries.

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