Ahhh… I’m old. SMBC is still gold. 

Ahhh… I’m old. SMBC is still gold. 

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Can we reject this hypothesis at the 0.01 significance level? Since 0.025 is > 0.01, the answer is no. Thus, the conclusion we reach depends on the significance level used. This seeming problem lies with the nature of life, not the nature of statistics. Everyone has limits to the amount of certainty they have in the decisions and predictions made to get through life. For example, you might be fairly sure, but not certain, that your relationship with your new significant other will last at least a year. You can quantify your degree of certainty in your predictions by asking yourself how much money you would bet that your predictions are correct. How much would you bet that your new relationship will last at least a year? Being asked to quantify uncertainty in this way often makes us uncomfortable. It forces us to acknowledge an aspect of life that most of us would rather ignore.
Stats paper that I’m reading gets randomly philosophical. 
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Yet another paid gig (mom and baby!). Look how frickin’ far I’ve come, shoot it’s only been 2 months? Look at my noob website with pictures! I have a review (more TBA, hopefully)! Getting referred and reaching out to other photographers! Momentum is building and this thing is really taking off on its own! With luck maybe I can make enough money to go on The Wild Ones tour this year. We’ll see.

Definitely had many moments where I was thought, this is too frickin’ much work. This is never gonna work. I’m so eons and lightyears below “real” photographers, bla bla bla I’m never going to be good enough. I’m so far from actually “making it”, but dang, this has been not-completely-fail beyond my wildest expectations. Don’t ever give up guys. If it was easy everyone would be doing it. All it takes is persistence! And I guess you have to kind of love it so you can put in all this effort with relatively little gain without driving yourself completely nutso. :D ./cliche inspirational peptalk

It’s kind of getting a bit robotic and stale though. Need to watch this posing video for sure: http://fstoppers.com/wedding/learn-everything-you-need-know-about-posing-2-hour-video-tutorial-12342

Also make more conceptual photography and art! :D

Unrelated note: frickin’ adipocytes and osteocyte stains FINALLY worked in lab this week. HALLELUJAH! SCIENCE! I hate sterility and pipetting, but man I love troubleshooting, especially when it finally works.

Unrelated note 2: I love love love frisbee. :D

Unrelated note 3: Debbie downers are lame. Don’t be one. Don’t complain about how everyone is “too happy”, there are SO many other better things to be angry/bitter about. 

So I have a crap ton of stuff to do in lab once I get back from Austin this weekend. Life is busy. But great. :D Hopefully school won’t be too much of a downer once it starts. :S

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Babysitting my a friend’s foster kitten, which Luna, the other cat I’m babysitting, hates, so gotta keep ‘em separated. He likes to fall asleep on my lap and purrs like a little motorboat non-stop. What a frickin’ cutie. <3

And then he peed on the carrier, probably out of fright, when Luna hissed at him. :[ It’s okay little guy, I forgive you, and I still kind of want to adopt you. 

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Best Ultimate Frisbee Highlights

… holy crap these people just come out of no where. HOLY CRAP. They’re SO frickin’ fast and they jump SO frickin’ high. Just… pure athleticism man. 

I’m so glad I started playing ultimate with Nerd this summer. I avoided it for a few weeks, and vividly remember sitting in my car the first time I went out and being so intimidating by the apparent skill of everyone on the field. Shoot, was that only 3 weeks ago? Had to tell myself “okay, be brave Jessica” before extracting myself from the comfort of my car.

Everyone is super nice and friendly, and I guess I’m not as terrible as I thought. Every time I catch the disc I get a massive endorphine rush. Man the feeling of running towards the disk and securing it between your hands in the endzone omfgomfgexercisehigh! (and then everyone high fives you and tells you how awesome you are, tee hee). It’s pretty great. Never thought of myself as particularly athletic, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE ultimate and pickup games are seriously the highlight of my week. Makes me so happy. Everyone go out and play ultimate today, and all your worries will subside! And you won’t completely suck after a while (like, a year)! <3

Also, making friends outside the incestuous cesspool that is vet school. Did not realize how stifling that was. I feel like I’ve been unsatisfied with something in Texas ever since I’ve been here. I would feel better doing something social with the vet school crowd (including vet school frisbee), but something always felt a bit empty and off. I think I’ve finally found that missing piece. Here’s really hoping I can play ultimate with the Nerd group for the rest of my time here, if the crushing weight of school doesn’t kill me again come August. 

I have a feeling that if I had discovered pick up ultimate that summer I was at Tulane, it might have gone a little better. Note to self for next time. 

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I understand that growing up non religious in Texas is probably a hell of a lot harder than growing up non religious in Liberal central, Bay Area, California. Especially if you feel the need to hide your beliefs from your parents, gosh I can’t even imagine. I guess I understand the certain defensiveness that must come from constantly trying to come to terms with your own beliefs when everyone around you is telling you you’re just so wrong in your wrongness.

But, that’s not an excuse to bash religion as a concept. And it’s certainly not an excuse go on an anti-religious tirade at every possible opportunity. 

Do you really think that by criticizing someone’s entire belief system the first time you meet them you’re going to change their outlook on life forever? Hell no, you’re probably going to make them way more defensive about atheism and anything outside their comfort zone. I suppose you mean well, but people like you are the reason why atheists get such a bad rep. You’re really not doing us any favors.

I think the reason why this bothers me so much is because I try pretty hard to show religious people that I’m not some spawn of Satan. I try to be approachable, I try to be okay and accepting and tolerant of religion, even when I feel like it steps out of line. I try so hard to show the conservative crowd I’m currently surrounded by that I can be my own person with values, ideas, and an inherent worth despite my beliefs. And you’re just ripping apart all my careful efforts. Thanks a lot bro.

“Prejudices are rarely overcome by argument; not being founded in reason they cannot be destroyed by logic” - Tryon Edwards

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Girls Make Games Presents: The Hole Story!


Hey guys, want an awesome Kickstarter to back?  A team of middle/high school girls won a competition with an awesome video game they’ve designed, and now they need your help to make their game a reality!  Lots of information included on the actual Kickstarter page.

My sister is awesome. Reblog and help her out!

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Canada: whispers it’s my birth…


Canada: …day

Oh Canada. I gotcher back. <3

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A&amp;M Aggie family photo. 
A lot about A&amp;M has grown on me since I&#8217;ve come here, and I&#8217;ve met some pretty awesome amazing people. Still, stuff like this creeps me out. *coughcultcough*

A&M Aggie family photo. 

A lot about A&M has grown on me since I’ve come here, and I’ve met some pretty awesome amazing people. Still, stuff like this creeps me out. *coughcultcough*

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girls who pretend to act stupid because they think it’s cute need to be slapped in the face with a brick

yo maybe we live in a culture that enforces this very notion and ruthlessly cuts down intelligent and outspoken women

maybe girls pretend to act stupid because “cute” and “non-threatening” go hand in hand 

maybe people act the way they do because it’s the easiest way to get by

Guilty of being “cute”. But also psychologically conditioned to based on social expectations. Hell, it is what it is.

Girls: if you don’t act super bubbly, then you’re a bitch.

Really big guys: if you don’t act overly friendly, then you’re a creeper, and going to mug someone.

Short guys: if you aren’t fantastically outgoing, then people look right over you and you don’t exist.

etc etc.

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